Rip Torn’s Daughter On Dad’s Arrest: “It’s Heartbreaking”

Rip Torn’s daughter says she is heartbroken over her father’s recent arrest and his downward spiral into alcoholism.

“It’s heartbreaking,” his daughter, Angelica Torn, told the New York Post on Wednesday. “But maybe now he’s finally going to have to face the truth about himself and his drinking.

A Drunk Rip Torn Arrested After Breaking Into A Bank

“My father is a brilliant man, but so much has been wasted.

“He’s pissed away so much — so much of his time and so much of his talent.”

Rip Torn Released From Custody After Posting Bail

Torn — a legendary actor of the stage and screen, was arrested last week after breaking into a bank in Connecticut. The 78-year old Emmy Award winner was drunk and was carrying a loaded revolver. His lawyer claims the Men In Black and Larry Sanders star mistook the bank for his house, and was not there to commit a crime.

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His daughter Angelica says she spoke with her famous father as he was on his way to rehab. “It almost seemed like my dad was finally back,” she said. “I told him to have fun, and he laughed and said he’d try.”

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Torn — who’s been arrested three times in the past for drunk driving — now faces numerous charges, including burglary, trespassing, carrying a firearm while intoxicated and carrying a weapon without a permit.

Torn is scheduled to appear in court on February 17 to enter a plea to the charges.

Rip Torn To Enter NY Rehab Facility Tuesday

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