Rep: Child Services Visit To Sheen Home Was “Routine”

Charlie Sheen was visited by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services on Sunday night but his rep told that the visit was merely routine.

“It was a routine procedural investigation,” his rep said.

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The visit stems from the Christmas Day incident between Charlie and Brooke and has confirmed that the Pitkin County Department of Social Services contacted the LA DCFS to investigate the well being of the children.  Charlie was home at the time of the visit and the children still remain at home with him.  Charlie’s wife Brooke Mueller is in rehab although she left her facility on Monday after a security breach.

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As exclusively reported, Charlie will be entering a not guilty plea when he returns to court in Colorado next month. The Two And a Half Men star was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors  after an alleged Christmas Day assault on Mueller.

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