PHOTOS: Jen Who? Gerard Butler Hooks Up In Brazil

Life’s a big carnival for Gerard Butler, as caught the 40-year-old ladies man in Brazil Tuesday, enjoying what appeared to be a belated Valentine’s Day celebration with an exotic stunner.

PHOTOS: Gerard Butler Hooks Up In Brazil

The Scottish native and the brunette beauty climbed to the top of a surfing hot-spot called the Arpoador, where they flirted and talked, looking happy as can be. The Brazilian beauty then accompanied the 300 star back to his Ipanema hotel.

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Butler told UK Daily Mail he has a sweet spot for the South American locale.

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“This is the third time I’ve been to Rio and every time I come it’s the same feeling I do not want to leave,” he said. “It is the most beautiful, most wonderful of all cities — I’m thinking about buying a property here.”

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Butler’s next film, The Bounty Hunter, hits theaters March 19, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, with whom he reportedly hooked up with during filming of the movie.

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