Oprah Rips Lisa Ling for Breaking Texting And Driving Law

Oprah Winfrey took her employee, journalist Lisa Ling, to task for breaking the law – she admitted that she sent text messages while driving with her knees!

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Oprah is campaigning against using a cell phone, and is making all of her employees sign a pledge saying that they won’t text or even talk on the phone in the car in and is calling this the “No Phone Zone.” 

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Lisa Ling was on The Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday, and looking chagrined admitted that she has texted while driving with her knees, which prompted Oprah to remind her that “it’s against the law,” to drive and text.  She told Ling that if she didn’t stop she would “notify the California Patrol to be on the lookout,” for her!

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With a row of nuns sitting in the audience, Lisa admitted that she was breaking the law and agreed to sign “half” of Oprah’s pledge to not text and drive.  She said that she would use her bluetooth to talk on the phone. 

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Ling lives in California where it is illegal to text and drive and all drivers must be hands free while talking on the phone.  Maria Shriver and Jennifer Aniston have both been caught driving and talking on a hand held phone, and Shriver’s husband, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, told her that she had to stop and made her donate the phone to charity.

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