Michael Jackson Coroner’s Report Unsealed: Propofol At Center Of Homicide

Propofol is a the center of the Michael Jackson homicide, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s full report, which was just unsealed.

DOCUMENT: Michael Jackson’s Full Coroner Report

The report does not offer surprising new information as it has long been known that Dr. Conrad Murray administered Propofol to the singer shortly before his death. Propofol is used in hospital settings and administered by anesthesia professionals. Administering it at home is practically unheard of, according to medical experts.

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The report says the manner of Jackson’s death was homicide, a finding that was previously made public. It also details that Propofol and benzodiazepines were given to Jackson.

The coroner’s report says the standard or care for giving Propofol was not met and appropriate equipment to monitor Jackson was not present.

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The report also says there was no medical reason to give Propofol in non-hospital setting.

Dr. Murray’s administering Propofol to Jackson will form the center of the criminal case against him.

Dr. Conrad Murray Charged

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