Joe Jackson Wins Right To Michael Jackson Medical Records

Joe Jackson has taken one step forward in his quest to file a wrongful death suit following the passing of his superstar son last June.

In papers obtained by the Superior Court of California ruled on Friday that Joe be allowed access to Michael Jackson‘s medical records, something that the singer’s Estate had fought against, citing physician-patient privilege.

See The Court Ruling

The Judge ruled Joe is entitled to the records from UCLA on the day Michael died. The papers state, “While the court acknowledges that medical records are documents to which the right to privacy attaches, Michael Jackson’s right of privacy does not apply under these facts because Michael Jackson is deceased.”

Joe Jackson Requests Allowance From Michael Jackson Estate

According to Joe he needs access to the records as they are “necessary to evaluate his wrongful death claim for purposes of determining the likely cost of pursuing that action.”

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Joe says that the records will “provide the necessary foundation for evidence he will present at the family allowance hearing about his overall ongoing financial needs during the course of estate administration”.

As previously reported Joe is requesting a monthly allowance from his late son’s Estate, an evidenciary hearing is set for May 26th.

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