Gerard Butler Has Fun in Rio Minus Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler went from one tropical locale- and beautiful woman- to another recently. After a Mexican getaway to celebrate Jennifer Aniston‘s birthday, the handsome actor flew to Brazil and mingled with some smokin’ ladies while celebrating Carnival.

PHOTOS: Gerard Lives It Up In Rio Minus Jen

On Valentine’s Day, he took the stage with Madonna and his 300 co-star Rodrigo Santoro at the Sambadrome as guests of the Brahma beer luxury box. That same evening, he was spotted lending his ear to a smoldering brunette at a local Rio de Janeiro bar.

PHOTOS: Jen and Gerard in Mexico

Clearly an equal opportunity schmoozer, he also gave some attention to Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger who he was seen beachside with as he took a sandy stroll near his hotel.

EXCLUSIVE: Jen and Gerard Kissin On Set

He and Santoro clearly are having the time of their lives. The two men were  spotted walking around Brazil with huge smiles on their faces as Santoro gave Butler a tour of his homeland.

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