Explosive Claim, Charlie’s Angel Kate Jackson Says Ryan O’Neal Denied Her Access To Dying Farrah

Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett‘s Charlie’s Angels co-star and one of her best friends for close to four decades, has sensationally claimed the actresses’ dying days were spent at the mercy of a clique, controlled by Ryan O’Neal and friend Alana Hamilton Stewart.

“I was shut out,” Kate tells RadarOnline.com.

“I was prevented from saying goodbye to one of my best friends.”

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In an emotional interview, the 61-year-old Jackson recounted to RadarOnline.com the moment when she learned she had been denied access to her close pal, who was battling cancer.


“I was walking across the lobby at her apartment, carrying a shopping bag with apples, grapes, green tea and as I got toward the elevator, the security guard yelled out ‘Ms Jackson, no-one upstairs.’

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“I turned around, looked at the guard and said, ‘What?’ I was stunned.

“I walked over to him. I was really incredulous because this particular guard and had seen me from the beginning. I asked him why and he said he didn’t know, but it had come from upstairs.

“From that moment on, we weren’t able to see or talk to Farrah, again. It was very upsetting.”

Confused and upset, Kate said she confronted Hamilton Stewart and asked why she and others were being frozen out.

“Alana told me that was what Farrah wanted, because she didn’t want anyone to see her like that,” Jackson told RadarOnline.com.

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“That, to me, didn’t make much sense because the whole world was about to see her like that in the documentary, Farrah’s Story. It didn’t sound right.

“On the miniscule possibility that what Alana said was true, I did not wish to do something against Farrah’s wishes and just burst in.

“On the chance it was Farrah’s wishes, we all didn’t want to upset her. I wanted to respect her wishes.

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“But to be truthful, I wish I had burst in, I really do,” said Jackson, who admitted she has not spoken to O’Neal or Stewart since Fawcett’s funeral, last year.”

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