VIDEO: Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Rocks Out In The Runaways

Although it hasn’t quite reached the fever pitch of Twilight proportions, excitement is building steadily for the release of Kristen Stewart’s upcoming flick, The Runaways.

PHOTOS: Dakota And Kristen Film Scenes For The Runaways can bring you an exclusive sneak peek at the movie, with a first look at the video trailer.

Stewart gets to show off her acting chops in the bio pic, which documents the rise to fame and short four-year music charts rule of the American all-girl band, fronted by rock legend Joan Jett.

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Trips On Runaways Set

Stewart isn’t the only Twilight star that gets to rock out, she’s joined by veteran vampire Dakota Fanning, who plays band member Cherie Currie alongside Stewart’s Jett.

Fanning shows that she’s all grown-up, marching straight into sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll – and even sharing a steamy same-sex smooch with Stewart!

PHOTOS: Kristen And Dakota Hang At Sundance

The Runaways premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and met with mixed reviews. However, esteemed trade publication The Hollywood Reporter raved, “The Runaways bursts with energy, youth, excess, female empowerment, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.”

VIDEO: Kristen Wins BAFTA Rising Star Award

What more can you ask for?

The Runaways opens nationwide March 19th.

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