EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tila Tequila Foreshadows Her Banged Up Head During Photo Shoot

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, reality TV star Tila Tequila was hospitalized early Saturday morning after she fell, bumped her head and suffered a concussion. RadarOnline.com has obtained exclusive footage of Tila on a photo shoot Friday afternoon in which she eerily foreshadowed things to come.

EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Hospitalized After Banging Head

“Unprofessional, but I’m on the ledge,” Tila cried out while daringly balancing on the ledge of a building. “This is a dangerous job, but it’s for professionals like me only.”  With Mariah Carey blasting in the background Tila suddenly got nervous saying, “Turn it off before I fall.  I don’t want y’all to see me die!”

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Tila took RadarOnline.com through what she called a “fabulous, hot MILF photo shoot” but corrected herself later saying, “Actually, today’s theme isn’t MILF but just sexy because I’m going to be a MILF later on.”

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“I’m getting ready to go back to the prom,” Tila joked while posing in a short purple number. “We’re back in the 80’s and I don’t have a date because I got knocked up and I’m in high school, and so nobody wants to take me to prom.”  Speaking of being knocked up, the mother-to-be teased, “I just injected this in-vitro into my arm and got pregnant!”

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After many wardrobe changes and an exhausting day shooting with the Pacific Ocean as her beautiful backdrop, Tila bids her fans adieu saying, “I hope you guys enjoyed my day today.  A day in the life of Tila Tequila!”  And then in truly Tila style she addressed her critics, saying, “If you keep hating on people instead of focusing on yourself, and your love of yourself, you don’t get any further. So remember that!”

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