EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Michael Lohan Secretly Meets With Lindsay’s Judge Behind Closed Doors

Michael Lohan didn’t show up at his daughter Lindsay’s court hearing on Thursday but RadarOnline.com caught him sneaking out of the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Friday.

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Lohan met secretly with the judge in Lindsay’s case!

While Michael refused to comment on why he was there, he has told RadarOnline.com before that he’s been actively trying to get his daughter into a rehab for months, believing she has an addiction to prescription medication.

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At her court hearing yesterday, Judge Marsha Revel said that the actress has been in compliance with attending her alcohol awareness classes. But Michael thinks more needs to be done.

“The prescription drugs are killing you,” he told Lindsay in an interview with RadarOnline.com on Wednesday. “You need to be in a rehab for at least 3 months.”

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