EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jersey Shore Pauly D Makes Out With New Girl

DJ Pauly D is clearly enjoying being the single stud in town, and he has all the lovely ladies vying for his attention – something he’s taking full advantage of!


RadarOnline.com has obtained exclusive video of Pauly D showing off all his lady charming skills and making out with a hot brunette in a bar. 

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Recently hired as the DJ in residence at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Pauly D locked lips with a unknown hottie at a Status party at Wet Bar during his visit to Toronto over the weekend. 

“It was crazy,” an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com.  “Pauly D had his bodyguard reach down into the crowd and pull hot girls up over a glass wall into the VIP section for him.”

The brunette in RadarOnline.com’s exclusive video is shown kissing the juicehead star of Jersey Shore while they’re on the dance floor. 

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Pauly D has always been the wing man to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but on this cold night in Toronto he was the one heating up the ladies.  “The Situation” chatted with girls in the bar, but wasn’t making out like his buddy Pauly D.  For once!

Ever the gentleman, Pauly D got his lady friend a drink – well, he ordered it from the club promoter who delivered the drink to her. 

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The woman he made out with posted a status message on her Facebook page, commenting on how jealous other women in the bar were of her.  “I was getting the evil eye from all the girls lol,” she wrote. 

Pauly D told another woman in the bar that he was moving to Miami in a month to start shooting, perhaps confirming that the second season of the MTV hit show Jersey Shore will be taking place in South Beach. 

Hope the ladies down there are ready for the invasion of the Italian stallions!

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