EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: In The Closet With Ex-Dexter Star Julie Benz

She may have been brutally killed off Dexter in the explosive season finale of the hit show, but Julie Benz has been reincarnated into a Desperate Housewife — well actually a stripper, and she’s now living stylishly on Wisteria Lane! The gorgeous blonde actress took RadarOnline.com’s Griffin Matthews  in the closet of her Hollywood home, showing off her simply chic, California girl fashions and the Dexter threads she can’t seem to let go of!

“I keep trying to throw it out,” she explains of a “dowdy” sweater she wore to the rehearsal that scored her the coveted role of Rita, “but all my girlfriends say ‘don’t you dare!’”

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“I am obsessed with my jeggings,” the self-proclaimed jeans and t-shirts girl dishes on her latest comfortable denim trend obsession, which are a fusion of jeans and leggings, “I’m all about comfort.  If something pinches or bites or rubs or itches I won’t wear it.”  She adds in a playful tone, “I’m very sensitive!”

Julie takes Griffin through her career history, by way of her shoe obsession!

Showing a pair of dangerously high Roger Vivier heels she purchased for herself after a boyfriend breakup, she kids “I remember when I bought them, I was sobbing and crying.  I was so sad and yet, I was trying on shoes!”

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“I managed to survive five traps wearing these shoes,” she proudly explains, holding a pair of Aldo heels she wore in Saw 5.

Her thoroughly organized shoe closet is divided into two sections.  “These are my slutty and these are my ladylike,” she explains, to which Griffin adds, “These are the Dexter, these are the Desperate Housewives.”

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What pair of Rita’s shoes did Julie “just kinda wore home on her last day” of the show?  Watch the video and find out.

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