EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods’ Wife Refuses To Take Family Portrait

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin refused to pose for a family portrait with him the night before his televised apology, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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While Tiger has made progress in improving his shattered marriage he still has a long way to go – and he found out exactly where the boundaries are last week when he told Elin he had arranged for a family portrait to be taken.

“She was angry,” said a source familiar with the situation. “And she told him absolutely no way.”

Tiger tried to convince her and that led to an argument. But, the source adds, it was a very short argument because Tiger knows he has no leeway with Elin anymore.

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“He’s desperately trying to save his marriage and repair his image,” the source said. “He’s made some progress with Elin. She hasn’t filed for divorce yet. But she also hasn’t slept with him or even in the same house with him up until they left.”

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Tiger, Elin and their two children boarded a private jet and left Orlando on Saturday night. The plane landed in Arizona.

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It is not known if Tiger is continuing his rehab as he said he was going to do during his televised statement last Friday. But it is the first time Tiger, Elin and the children have been together since his secret cheating life was exposed around Thanksgiving.

Elin is still not wearing her wedding rings but she has told her divorce lawyer to hold off on filing papers.

Tiger will return to Orlando in approximately a week. Elin and the children may stay with him for the week or may come home early, according to the source.

“Right now, Elin is calling the shots in this marriage,” the sourced told RadarOnline.com. “She flew out with him but if he makes her angry, she’ll come right home.”

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