EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods’ Wife Goes Out On The Town, Leaves Him Home Alone

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin went out on the town Saturday night, leaving him home babysitting their two children, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: See Elin Out While Leaving Tiger At Home

Elin and a group of female friends partied at dinner in the restaurant of the Dolphin hotel in Orlando and RadarOnline.com obtained exclusive photos from the night.

PHOTO: Elin Dining With Friends

As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively on Friday, Tiger is back in Orlando but he and Elin are living in separate houses. “The marriage is not good,” one source close to them told RadarOnline.com. “She barely interacts with him.”

While Elin called off the divorce, she is hardly ready to forgive and forget. On Saturday night she still was not wearing her wedding ring.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods In Orlando; Living Separately From Wife

Elin and friends went out to celebrate the birthday of a member of their group and she made it clear to Tiger that he was not invited. She left their two children with him while she hit the town. “It wasn’t a case of Tiger not wanting to go out – it was Elin telling him he wasn’t invited,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “She hasn’t let him near her.”

PHOTOS: Elin Celebrates Her Son Charlie’s First Birthday

Tiger has been linked to at least 14 other women during his marriage and recently completely his stay at Gentle Path, as RadarOnline.com first reported.


He has kept out of sight since returning home and is leading a lonely existence, the source told RadarOnline.com.“No one knows if the marriage will survive at this point,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “But it’s clear that Elin isn’t letting Tiger stop her from leading her life.”

NEW PHOTOS: Tiger’s Wife Elin Back Home After Visiting Him In Sex Rehab

Elin and her friends went out early and had a fun night at the hotel. They went home after dinner.

Tiger Woods Spotted at Gentle Path

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