EXCLUSIVE: Ryan O’Neal To Feature Son Redmond’s Drug Battle In New Farrah Documentary

In a move that is sure to make some people accuse him of exploiting his son’s drug problem, Ryan O’Neal plans to feature Redmond’s drug battle in his new documentary on Farrah Fawcett, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Redmond has had multiple arrests and battled drugs for years. He’s currently in a court-ordered treatment program.

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His relationship with Ryan through the years has been rocky at best – and nonexistent for many years.

Yet Ryan is making Redmond’s drug battle one of three points of focus in the new film. RadarOnline.com has viewed a letter sent out by Ryan encouraging people to cooperate with his sequel to Farrah’s cancer documentary.


In the letter Ryan writes about the new film: “We plan to focus on three main areas of her legacy: her art (namely her films and her sculptures), her inspirational battle with cancer; and the light of her life, our son Redmond, who is now fighting to reclaim himself in honor of his mother.”

Redmond Arrested – While In Rehab

But Ryan and Redmond have spent many years estranged. Ryan has also been accused by others of exploiting Farrah in her final days and her first documentary is a battleground of litigation with Ryan suing former producer Craig Nevius and Nevius countersuing.

Kate Jackson also said that Ryan and Alana Hamilton Stewart controlled the final days of Farrah’s life and prevented her from seeing her Charlie’s Angels co-star, a charge Ryan hotly denies.

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In Ryan’s letter, obtained by RadarOnline.com, he writes that the documentary will include Farrah’s voice from “an original, never-aired 2005 interview with never-before-seen footage from our private collection of home movies.”

O’Neal hopes to shoot interviews through March. It is not known if he will be able to get Redmond on camera.

Ryan and Redmond were arrested together on drug charges in 2008 when police found meth in Ryan’s home. Ryan at first denied any involvement, with his lawyer telling the press: “The drugs found were not his. He would never use them.”

In 2009 Ryan pled guilty to drug possession and received a sentence of 18-months of drug counseling.

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