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EXCLUSIVE: No Contact Between Tiger Woods And Wife On Valentine’s Day

It was a lonely Valentine’s Day for Tiger Woods – he had no contact with his beautiful wife Elin, is reporting exclusively.

PHOTO: Elin Dining With Friends

Elin and Tiger have been living in separate houses since he returned to Orlando and although she called off the divorce, the marriage is a wreck, multiple sources tell exclusively.

EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods’ Wife Goes Out On The Town, Leaves Him Home Alone

Elin went out on the town Saturday night with friends and published exclusive photos of her night out. She told Tiger that he was not welcome to join her, as she celebrated a pal’s birthday at a restaurant in the Dolphin hotel in Orlando.

And Elin is still not wearing her wedding ring, despite the fact that she flew to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and took part in Tiger’s rehab treatment at Gentle Path, as first reported by

PHOTOS: Elin Celebrates Her Son Charlie’s First Birthday

“Valentine’s Day was not a day for Elin and Tiger to be close,” one source, who knows both of them, told “They had no physical contact. She pretty much only sees him when she drops off the kids for him to see.”

The recovery process from Tiger’s cheating has been a difficult one for Elin. She hired an Orlando divorce attorney but then put the divorce on hold as Tiger went into treatment. And while she has participated in his recovery she isn’t even close to allowing him near her in a physical way, sources who know her tell

PHOTOS: Elin Still Going Solo

“The marriage is very much up in the air right now,” one source said. “A few weeks ago she was determined to save it. Now that he’s been home she can’t bring herself to go near him. She still very, very hurt. No one knows what she’s going to do. I’m not sure that she knows what she’s going to do.”

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