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EXCLUSIVE: Missing Actor’s Parents Were Right To Walk Out Of Larry King Interview, Says Pal

Missing former child actor Andrew Koenig’s longtime friend spoke to in defense of Koenig’s parents who walked out of an interview with Larry King on Wednesday night.

VIDEO: Missing Actor Andrew Koenig’s Parents Walk Out On Larry King

Walter and Judy Koenig were set to appear via satellite from Vancouver when they abruptly left the interview during the commercial break.

Reports claim that sometime during the show, the Koenigs started to feel disrespected because their segment got pushed back. They then chose to leave before speaking to King.

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Lance Miccio, a friend of the Growing Pains star for the past six years, told that he understands the Koenigs’ actions.

“This is a hard thing for them to be dealing with. Their son’s missing, they’re traveling…especially not knowing anything for so long,” Miccio told exclusively. “You don’t really sleep, you know? He’s my friend and I don’t sleep. I can only imagine what they’re going through. It’s very stressful.”

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Following the Koenigs’ walk-out, CNN released the following statement to “Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope they find their son soon.”

King said after the incident, “we checked them out, they were prepared to go on, I said hello, they both said hello, we said we’d be on in two minutes, they said fine and they got up and left for reasons unknown.”

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