EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Jackson Doesn’t Believe Farrah Was Coherent When She Signed Over Control Of Documentary

Farrah Fawcett‘s Charlie’s Angels co-star and close friend, Kate Jackson, is continuing her assault on Ryan O’Neal and Alana Stewart Hamilton, accusing them of orchestrating a takeover of the documentary project Farrah’s Story.

Jackson, 61, exclusively told RadarOnline.com that she is very suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Farrah’s signing of a document that gave control of the documentary to Ryan and Alana.

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Jackson previously told RadarOnline.com that Ryan and Alana shut her off from Farrah during her former co-star’s dying days, and described how the twosome took control of Farrah and refused to allow her to say goodbye.

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Now Jackson says the document that Farrah signed taking control of her documentary away from producer Craig Nevius seems highly suspicious to her.

“Farrah had such beautiful penmanship,” said Kate, who has seen the document, which RadarOnline.com has confirmed is a key piece of evidence in Nevius’ lawsuit against O’Neal, Hamilton and Farrah’s long-time business manager.

“It caused me to become very sad and upset, when I saw that signed document, because I believed that she was not awake enough, because of the pain medication she required.


“Frankly, to me, that document didn’t look like she could have a clue what she was signing.”

Nevius is suing O’Neal, Hamilton and Farrah’s long-time business manager Richard Francis in the Superior Court in Los Angeles, accusing them of taking over Farrah’s Story.

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In response, Farrah’s estate has filed a lawsuit against Nevius, accusing him of misappropriating funds and selling out the star by leaking information and footage without her approval.

It is a stunning about-face for Jackson, who in May last year, appeared on NBC’s Today Show and called Nevius “Craig Devious”.

“I was embarrassed,” Jackson told RadarOnline.com.

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“I was told before I did the Today Show that Craig Nevius was a crook and all this other stuff. I thought he was attempting to do all these awful things.”

Jackson said she became just like Nevius, when soon after her TV appearance, her access to Farrah was cut and Hamilton-Stewart told her it was because Farrah didn’t want to see her.

“I wasn’t allowed to ask Farrah if that was indeed the case that she didn’t want to see me or others,” Jackson questioned to RadarOnine.com.

“I wasn’t allowed to talk to her on the phone, at all.

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“Even if a person is in such pain that they sleep most of the time, if the phone was answered, or the messages weren’t so full that you can’t leave one, I could have had someone put the phone to her ear so I could tell her that I love her.

“Even if she was sleeping, I wouldn’t have cared. I needed to do it.

“But the phone was never answered or it was full of messages. That to me was weird.”

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“I am having a great deal of difficulty dealing with this. It is very, very, upsetting and I can’t see myself ever getting over it.”

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