EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Evander Holyfield Confirms He KO’d Dr. Phil Appearance After Domestic Violence Incident

Evander Holyfield has confirmed he’s KO’d his scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil after a domestic violence incident with his wife Candi.

Holyfield’s statement confirms RadarOnline.com‘s exclusive story on Monday that the boxing champ backed out after a dinner gone-wrong at Dr. Phil’s house this past weekend.

Putting a nice public spin on a disastrous private event, Holyfield told RadarOnline.com: “Candi and I initially reached out to see Dr Phil’s counsel and we are so glad we did.

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“The producers flew us to Los Angeles this past weekend. Dr Phil was gracious to open his home to us. He was a consummate professional and generous with his time. But we have decided that this is not the time for our marital problems to be played out on the national stage.”

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The Holyfields’ marriage  problems exploded February 3rd  when Candi asked for a protective order, claiming Evander hit her during an argument over the temperature in their $10 million Georgia mansion.Candi has since asked for the order to be lifted.

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RadarOnline.com reported exclusively that when Holyfield and Candi attended dinner at Dr. Phil’s house this past weekend the boxing champ did not like the doc’s approach.

“The truth is Evander did not like Dr. Phil and what he was proposing,” one source told RadarOnline.com.

“He felt he was totally man-bashing him. Despite all of Dr. Phil’s assurances there was a big clash of personalities and Evander simply didn’t want to do it.”

And Holyfield confirmed the source’s information late Monday, admitting to RadarOnline.com that he was backing out of the show, but graciously refusing to criticize Dr. Phil.

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