EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Fawcett Film-maker Responds To Kate Jackson’s Claim

The documentarian being sued by the estate of Farrah Fawcett has told RadarOnline.com he was confident Kate Jackson would “figure out” what happened to her Charlie’s Angels co-star in her dying days.

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Craig Nevius is suing Ryan O’Neal, Alana Stewart-Hamilton and Farrah’s business manager Richard Francis, accusing them of squeezing him out of the documentary Farrah’s Story and wresting control of her estate.

In response, the estate – that Francis oversees – has launched legal action against Nevius, claiming his work was second rate and that he leaked confidential information about Farrah to the media.

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Before Jackson made her explosive comments to RadarOnline.com – in which she accused O’Neal and Hamilton-Stewart of forcing Farrah to sign a document against her will, handing over control of the documentary – the 61-year-old actress went on national television and labeled the film-maker “Craig Devious”.

But in an apparent and monumental turn of events, she now suggests she was “embarrassed” after others fed her mistruths about Nevius.

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“The reason I never spoke out against Kate when she called me ‘devious’ on The Today Show was because I knew that she didn’t know the truth,” Nevius told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

“I also knew that Kate was fiercely loyal to Farrah and would go to war with anyone to protect her – and that’s what she thought she was doing: protecting her friend.

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“That’s why I remained silent and waited for her to figure out that it wasn’t me that Farrah needed protection from.”

Nevius revealed Jackson telephoned him soon after Farrah lost her battle with cancer on June 25, last year, to apologize.

“I didn’t even let her get it out. I immediately interrupted to tell her how sorry I was, for her loss,” said Nevius.

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“Farrah loved Kate and she loved Jaclyn Smith. She played me their messages and showed me their notes all the time. Jaclyn would send flowers, Kate would bring by books. They could make her laugh. And she loved teasing them both.

“Of the Angels, Farrah was really the mischievous one.”

“I always told Farrah that I thought it was remarkable that the three of them remained friends after just one season of Charlie’s Angels over 30 years ago. But Farrah didn’t find it so strange, because she said it wasn’t so much the show itself that she remembered but the two girls.

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“I understood that when I saw them back stage together at the Emmys – a few weeks before her cancer diagnosis.

“Farrah was always nervous before live appearances. But when the three of them held hands, she was fine,” Nevius added.

O’Neal and Hamilton-Stewart have not yet responded to Jackson’s claims.

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