EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Conrad Murray Watches Super Bowl With His Lawyers On Eve Of Being Charged

Dr. Conrad Murray has a big week ahead of him as he prepares to be officially charged Monday in connection with the death of his late client, superstar Michael Jackson.

Case Against Conrad Murray To Be Filed Monday

But if he has any last minute nerves or worries he’s doing a good job of disguising them as RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Murray will be spending a relaxing day Sunday, doing the same as many other millions of fellow Americans, enjoying watching the big game on TV.

But Murray will be watching the game with his lawyers, who will also have their families present.

EXCLUSIVE: Conrad Murray And Defense Team Get Death Threats As Arraignment Date Approaches

As RadarOnline.com previously reported the District Attorney’s office has confirmed it will be filing charges against Murray at Airport Court in Los Angeles on Monday.

PHOTOS: Conrad Murray Returns To Work

A law enforcement source — who spoke on condition of anonymity — told the Associated Press on  Friday that Murray would be prosecuted on a theory of gross negligence alleging that his treatment of Jackson was an extreme departure from the standard of care normally followed by physicians.

Jackson died at his rented home in Los Angeles last June 25 while under Murray’s care as the singer prepared to stage an ambitious concert comeback in London.

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