EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Will Be Charged Today

Dr. Conrad Murray is expected to be formally charged on Monday in connection with the death of Michael Jackson. He is expected to be arraigned at the LAX courthouse in Los Angeles in the afternoon.

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Despite the circumstances, Murray’s spokesperson Miranda Sevcik tells RadarOnline.com that he is “upbeat.” He spent Super Bowl Sunday with his lawyers and their families.

“Dr. Murray is upbeat and eager to return to his patients in Houston,” she said.

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While Murray was supposed to be arraigned on February 5, the LAPD and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office became at odds over how the doctor would surrender. The LAPD had wanted to walk Murray into the courthouse in handcuffs, per a source close to the situation. The doctor’s lawyer Michael Flanagan became incensed that his client was being used as a pawn in the struggle between the two offices, an insider says.

It is expected that Murray will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. He is also expected to post the $25,000 bail customary for the charge before heading back to his Houston medical practice directly after.

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