EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Mueller Family Member: Rehab Center Facing Major Lawsuit

Brooke Mueller finally decided to seek help at The Canyon rehab facility in Los Angeles but has been forced to leave after a security breach apparently revealed some of her personal information.

And now the rehab center may be facing a major lawsuit from Mueller and her family.

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Reports claim that a document containing information about Brooke’s admission was sent to some media outlets. Those reports have not been independently confirmed and the rehab center also refused to confirm it and refused to comment about if they are conducting an investigation.

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“They (the rehab facility) are open to a major lawsuit if the The Canyon did anything like that,” one of Brooke’s family member’s told RadarOnline.com. The family member did not want to be named but was extremely upset about the development.

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“If the facility was anyway involved in this it is completely inappropriate and wrong,” the family member added.

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Mueller is married to Charlie Sheen and went into rehab recently after she called police on Christmas and told them that he held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. Both Sheen and Mueller had been drinking during the hours before that incident.

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