EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Murphy Friend Says Foundation Will Be Back

The Brittany Murphy Foundation may have been ground to a halt this week over some technicalities, but her longtime friend Hayley Taylor tells RadarOnline.com that it will be back.

Donations To Brittany Murphy Foundation Are Returned

Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack and her mother Sharon announced that the were going to return donations already received since the foundation was listed as private. The charity’s website no longer accepts donations at this time.

“We always had plans to make it nonprofit, it just takes time,” Taylor, who also works for the Brittany Murphy Foundation, said. “We’re still working on it.”

EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Murphy’s Husband Cancels Event “For Medical Reasons”

As for the abruptly cancelled February 4 fundraising event, Taylor says it will be rescheduled along with the foundation’s launch.

“We’re rescheduling the memorial,” she confirmed. “And we’re going to reschedule the launch of the foundation after that and as soon as it goes non profit.”

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