DVD Releases For February 2nd

Amelia (PG-13)
This sweeping biopic of Amelia Earhart follows her trajectory from a farm girl with a simple dream to one of the most famous people in the world. Amelia also offers a glimpse at the pilot’s personal life, creating a portrait of a woman who was passionate about her life both in the air and on the ground. (Hilary Swank [Amelia Earhart], Richard Gere [George Putnam])

Black Dynamite (R)
Get ready for a return to the 1970s, courtesy Black Dynamite and his bad-ass, take-no-prisoners ‘tude. After Dynamite discovers that “the man” is behind his brother’s murder, the flood of heroin in the local orphanage and the less-than-pure malt liquor sold around town, he goes after the guys at the top — and won’t let anyone stand in his way. (Michael Jai White [Black Dynamite], Salli Richardson-Whitfield [Gloria])

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Love Happens (PG-13)
Author Dr. Burke Ryan gives sold-out lectures on self help, but he isn’t so great at helping himself. When he arrives in Seattle to teach a seminar, he meets a woman who might just be able to educate him. (Aaron Eckhart [Dr. Burke Ryan], Jennifer Aniston [Eloise Chandler])

DVD Releases

New York, I Love You (R)
An all-star cast — from Bradley Cooper to Shia LaBeouf and Blake Lively to Orlando Bloom — appears in this 12-part anthology of interconnected love stories set in the Big Apple. (Bradley Cooper [Gus], Shia LaBeouf [Jacob])

Zombieland (R)
In a post-apocalyptic world in which zombies are running rampant, four survivors hit the road to find an oasis from the undead. (Woody Harrelson [Tallahassee], Jesse Eisenberg [Columbus])

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