Britney Spears Test Drives New Car – In Passenger Seat!

Most people want to get behind the wheel themselves when they take a potential new ride for a spin – but Britney Spears isn’t most people!

PHOTOS: Britney Spears Test Drives New Car

The pop princess, along with her bodyguard and assistant, was spotted checking out a new black custom Maserati in Calabasas on Wednesday, but instead of test driving the car herself she opted to ride shot gun and let someone else try out the luxury car.

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The car sells for around a cool $100,000, which is quite a bit out of the range of Britney’s $500 a week allowance that is granted through her current conservatorship.

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Let’s hope dad Jamie, who legally retains control over Britney’s personal and financial affairs, agrees to dig deep and treat Britney to some new wheels!

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