BOOKS: The Chase A Must-Read For Single Ladies

All my single ladies, listen up: Samantha Brett knows everything you need to know about men, dating and sex.

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Brett, Australia’s top dating expert, author, journalist and TV/radio personality, has authored the new bestseller, “The Chase,” in which she uncovers all the tips, tactics and secrets she’s learned along the way about romance, making the tablet a must-have manual for every woman.

Brett — who has dished on the topic with celebs such as Heidi Klum, David Beckham and Eva Mendes, among others — shows women how to stop chasing men so that they can chase you. There’s also key exercises such as the No Casual Sex Challenge, Man Chase-Me Plan, and 30-Day Ex Detox Diet.

Follow Brett’s advice, and you’ll have a man in the palm of your hand quicker than you can say “I do!”

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The Chase” is in stores now.

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