VIDEO: Sean Penn In Haiti To Help With Earthquake Efforts

Sean Penn is helping out in Haiti in the country’s ongoing earthquake relief efforts, adding yet another member to a growing list of entertainment personalities who have emerged as heroes in the wake of the deadly 7.0 earthquake.

The two-time Academy Award winner told Fox’s Geraldo Rivera that the Haitian landscape was “horror,” and that the “military is doing the most extraordinary job.”  Watch the interview below.

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The firecly-opinionated humanitarian held little back, as usual, complaining about game plan officials have enacted he feels are lopsided toward Haiti’s booming metropolis of Port Au Prince.

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“The mission is so centered on Port Au Prince that some of the other areas, the epicenter areas, are being underserviced,” he said. “It’s just a complicated situation. But I think it has to be continually reported that Port Au Prince is not all of the issue. Port Au Prince still has major emergencies — infections, communicable diseases, concern. People are dying by the thousands a day.”

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