VIDEO: Mel Gibson On Tiger Woods – "I Love The Guy"

Mel Gibson knows a thing or two about being the focal point of a scandal: that’s why the famed actor-director can empathize with golfer Tiger Woods.

“I mean, he’s beat — they’re beating the hell out of him, you know?” Gibson told Good Morning America on Monday. “So you know, I love the guy. He’s full of flaws, like all the rest of us. And he’s getting a rough time.”

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Gibson who has been grilled in the media for his drunken driving escapades, anti-Semitic remarks and extramarital affairs, said that Woods should take a forgiving at himself in light of what he called his “transgressions.”

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“Ask any human being walking on the planet, ‘Have you ever done anything that you’re not too proud of?’ And I think most people will say ‘Yes. I’ve done a few things I’m not too proud of,’” The Passion director said. “And a lot of times the most difficult thing about all of that is being able to forgive yourself … geez, I want to watch him play golf.”

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