VIDEO: Jay Leno – "I Leave NBC Prime Time The Same Way I Found It — A Complete Disaster"

Jay Leno didn’t just ruffle the feathers on the NBC peacock Monday — he yanked them out one-by-one, delivering a venomous monologue aimed at the network, after its botched late night plans have resulted in anemic ratings and disgruntled talent.

“I leave NBC prime time the same way as I found it,” Leno said. “A complete disaster.”

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He opened his monologue saying, “As you know, we’re not just a show anymore, we are now a collector’s item; our show has been canceled. Fired again!”

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Leno’s monologue took a turn for the bitter, as he contemplated the network’s questionable decision-making.

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“NBC said the [prime-time] show performed exactly as they expected it would, and then they canceled us,” he observed. “When we were on late night, we performed better than expected, and they canceled us. That was totally different.”

He pointed out that the fiasco has upset both him and Conan O’Brien, joking: “NBC said they wanted drama at 10; now they got it.”

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