VIDEO: Incredible Dog Rescue Caught On Tape!

As rain continued to batter most parts of the Los Angeles area, residents were transfixed by footage of a stunning dog rescue in the city’s river.

The dog was spotted desperately trying to climb the concrete walls bordering the river as the rising waters continued to rage. While it clawed itself out of the water a few times, it couldn’t hold its grip and quickly slipped back into danger.

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As swift water rescue crews stood by, a helicopter neared the frightened animal as a rescue worker suspended by a wire was slowly lowered from the chopper.

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When the rescue worker reached the dog, he tried to restrain the jittery canine who writhed in his arms and repeatedly tried to bite him.

With the dog finally secure- but still attempting to tread water despite no longer being in the water- the helicopter slowly hoisted the rescue worker up and over the bridge where other emergency officials were standing by.

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