TV Guide, Zed To Give Away $70K In Red Carpet Riches

The red carpet has always been closed off to all but Hollywood’s elite, to glitter in their golden riches; now, its your turn.

This award season, TV Guide is doling out $70,000 to viewers for Red Carpet Riches, a contest that rewards viewers this award season, as they watch their favorite stars stroll into each of the springtime galas.

TV Guide, working with Zed, the top independent distributor of mobile content, will award a pair of $10K prizes during the Golden Globes ceremony; another $10K during the Grammys, and a whopping $40,000 during the Oscars.

To win, tune into TV Guide Network’s live red carpet coverage at the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards and Academy Awards and text in at the appropriate times.

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