Tila Tequila Gets ‘Secret Service’ Protection

Tila Tequila wants her fans to know that she’s happy and safe. She took to Twitter to let everyone in on the fact she’s being looked after.

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“This is the FIRST TIME I am smiling & happy again because I know in my heart that my baby ANGEL CASEY did this for me!  She sent me protection!” Tila Tweeted.

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Tila, who was engaged to socialite Casey Johnson at the time of her sudden death January 4, said a security firm owner named Kris is providing his agency’s services free of charge because he thinks she is the “nicest celeb he ever met.”

Kris is a “Secret Service Agent” Tila said, and all his bodyguards are highly trained operatives.

Casey’s family had her buried in New Jersey January 10.  Tila was not invited to attend.

Casey Johnson Buried

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