Sean Penn & Quentin Tarantino – Boys’ Night Out!

It was boys’ night out when two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn and indie film director Quentin Tarantino hit the after-party for the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday evening.

The two film icons huddled in the corner and drank scotch at the exclusive bash held at the Parker hotel. Soon they were joined by a gaggle of guys, and the ‘shop-talk’ commenced. Inglorious Basterds was of course discussed with Sean congratulating Quentin on his “incredible story”.

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By 11pm, Sean seemed ready to call it quits – at least at the official bash. But instead, he invited everyone back to his suite – which rents for $2,500 a night!

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And, wanting to keep things back at the suite interesting, Sean sent word via his personal assistant to a select number of gorgeous girls at the party that he was hosting an even better one!

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