Rachel Zoe Super Skinny In Her Skinny Jeans

Rachel Zoe was spotted out and about Wednesday visiting a medical building in Beverly Hills, CA.

PHOTOS: Rachel Looking Skinny In Her Skinny Jeans

The super skinny stylist was dressed in her super skinny jeans and knee high platform boots that looked almost baggy on her skeletal frame.

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Still, like most of us mere mortals, in the days of the supermodels and perfectly formed A-listers, it’s refreshing to know that Rachel actually looks better dressed than undressed!

Point in case, last time Rachel was photographed she was looking beyond painfully thin in a black two piece while on a recent beach getaway.

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One thing that’s not tiny about Rachel though is her giant Hermes Birkin purse – it’s almost the same size as the frail fashionista!

Rachel has battled rumors of an eating disorder ever since she gained notoriety as the premier stylist to the stars.

But Zoe adamantly denies any such chatter. Last September, during an episode of her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, she was seen reacting about new stories speculating about her weight, clearly agitated and troubled over the scrutiny she feels is unfair and inaccurate.

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