PHOTOS: Rihanna Gets Frisky With New Man

Rihanna and Chris Brown are beginning the new year with potential new relationships. Rihanna flaunted her new romance with a PDA-filled trip to Mexico.

PHOTOS: Rihanna Gets Frisky

PHOTOS: Rihanna Smooches New Man

While Chris Brown partied hard in Miami (and was spotted with one dark-haired lady by his side who he ushered around with a hand filled with a stack on money), Rihanna did some of her own globe-trotting with her new man.

PHOTOS: Rihanna Is A Lakers Girl

After a reported trip to Dubai, she and her mystery man went south of the border for some rest and relaxation- and a little PG-13 action!

Hobo Chic: Rihanna’s Devi Kroell Obsession

Some initial reports identify him as Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, 25. If he is actually romancing the singer, Kemp will be continuing his streak of good fortune: shortly after the 2009 baseball season ended, he got a Golden Glove Award and a Silver Slugger Award.

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