PHOTOS: Octo-Mom Caught In The Act – Talking On Cell While Driving

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman, is the newest member of the exclusive club of celebrities caught on camera texting and talking while driving – a distinct no-no according to California law.

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Joining California First Lady Maria Shriver, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Colin Farrell and Kristin Cavallari and many others who have been busted with photographic proof, Suleman is not alone in flaunting the rules of the road.

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Suleman was spotted Tuesday talking on her phone while parked in her Toyota van at a shopping center in La Habra, CA. Unfortunately, it seems the busy mom of 14 was so distracted by her conversation that she forgot to hang up her call before driving away, continuing to talk on her cell as she drove down the road.

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With 14 children, Octo-Mom spends her days multi-tasking but in California that earns you a ticket.

Judging by the obvious dent in the front bumper of her car it would seem that Suleman could do with spending a little more time and attention concentrating on the road and a little less time chatting!

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