PHOTOS: Jay Leno Is A Gunslinger

We wonder what this skit will be about!

PHOTOS: Leno With A Gun!

On Friday, Jay Leno was spotted toting around a gun as he filmed scenes for his show. The comedian also rolled out two of his classic Fiats for the production.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Says Jay Leno “Ratted Him Out” On Oprah

With a pistol holstered, the denim-wearing host climbed into one of the cars for a drive as a camera crew looked on.

Jay Leno: Jimmy Kimmel Sucker Punched Me

Nearby, a man dressed in black was aiming a bazooka. We wonder if it was pointed in the general direction of Jimmy Kimmel who had more fighting words for Leno on Friday.

“I figured I’d start in, he’d get into it and we’d mix it up,” Kimmel said about his controversial appearance on Leno’s show during which he skewered the host amidst the NBC late-night shuffle. “You know, at one time [Leno] was a comedian. But he didn’t do that. He stood there and he just kind of read through the questions like a robot.”

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