Michelle Obama: The Year In Fashion

First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her first full year in the White House Wednesday, and while she has done splendidly in the public eye as a mother, wife and and champion of social causes, a lot of people have also focused on something else entirely: her wardrobe. 

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama: The Year In Fashion

Mrs. Obama, who won a spot on People’s 50 Most Beautiful List, has been nothing short of a vision of style, grace and beauty, putting herself together with timeless fashionable ensembles that scream “fashionista” quicker than you can say Jackie O.

She was also honored by Council of Fashion Designers of America for the effortless way she brings vibrant styles to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, draping everything from Jason Wu to J.Crew over her toned figure.

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Mrs. Obama stands out because “she doesn’t dress like a first lady,” Washington Post Fashion Editor Robin Givhan told Good Morning America on Wednesday. “I think she’s changing that definition. She looks like someone that you would know as opposed to someone who looks like there’s a wax statue of her somewhere.

First Ladies Of Fashion: Classy & Matchy!

“I think it helps her to relate more to people at large,” Givhan said, “because I think women look at her and they see more of themselves in her than they would, perhaps, someone who dressed more like a traditional first lady.”

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