Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan Make Sweet Music Together

Whether Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan are an item, one thing is for sure: the two are committed to making sweet music together.

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Tuesday night Simpson was clearly on cloud nine about holing up in the studio with the Smashing Pumpkins front man. She wasn’t shy about sharing her enthusiasm with the internet world, tweeting updates and photos from their session together.

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“He braids my prayers,” mused an over-the-moon Simpson about working with Corgan. In one snapshot, she looks on in awe as he strums in the guitar.

Despite her seeming infatuation with and admiration for Corgan, Simpson also set aside some Twitter space for former flame Tony Romo.

“I have always believed in the ‘BOYS!!! ALWAYS!” she wrote about his recent football victories, even posting an accompanying photo of her in a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Hmm, maybe she is keeping her options open!

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