Jesse McCartney’s Attorney Warns Web After Alleged Nude Pic Leaked

Pop singer/actor Jesse McCartney isn’t feeling so sweet Wednesday, as the singer’s attorneys tried to put the kibosh on a photo leaked to the media, allegedly showing the 22-year-old lying on a bed, clad in only a candy G-string.

McCartney’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, distributed a cease and desist letter to media outlets, warning them of immediate legal action against anyone who publishes the photo.

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“A person is attempting to circulate a nude photo which purports to be Mr. McCartney,” Holley wrote in the letter. “McCartney was unaware of the taking of this alleged photo, did not knowingly participate in the taking of this photo, and certainly did not consent to the taking of such photo.”

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McCartney’s attorney said the photo “appears to have been manipulated and doctored by computer software.”

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