Heart Day Shades: Juicy Couture’s Lolita

Just in time for the most lovey-dovey day of the year, Juicy Couture has unveiled “The Lolita”- a new flirty and fun heart-shaped sunglasses collection.  The chic metal frames, which retail for $98 a pop, will be available beginning in February in light gold, pink and white, with hot pink and red versions sold exclusively at Juicy Couture and Solstice Sunglass Boutiques nationwide.

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Though other designers have attempted to tackle the heart-shaped frame in  the past, Juicy Couture’s Lolita is subtle, stylish and has more of an  Aviator feel to it, making it out of flat metal instead of clunky plastic.

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Which color Lolita is right for you?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out!

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