EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: War Erupts Over Michael Lohan White Powder Video

Michael Lohan sure knows how to open a can of worms! On Monday, Lindsay Lohan’s dad released a controversial video allegedly showing his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller snorting cocaine, while he video taped it.

Now, to prove the video’s authenticity, Lohan released an audio tape exclusively to RadarOnline.com, in which you can hear Muller admit, “I had a couple of bumps,” to Lohan who is accusing her of being “high.”

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Erin Muller Admits “I Had A Couple Of Bumps”

In an exclusive statement to RadarOnline.com, Muller’s attorney, Bryan Konoski, fired back saying, “Ms. Muller is not speaking directly to the press. The woman in that video could be anyone and therefore is slander and defamation. All you can see in the video is a blond haired woman. Other than Michael Lohan’s word that the woman is Erin Muller, there is no proof that it is her. It could be anyone.”

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RadarOnline.com contacted Lohan who told us, “He [Konoski] is full of crap. I have her on tape admitting coke use.”

It’s just the latest twist in the mud-slinging battle between Lohan and Muller, which began last month when Muller had Lohan arrested for reportedly violating a restraining order. Lohan had Muller arrested three days later claiming she kicked him in the head during an argument outside his mother’s house in New York.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Michael Lohan’s Revenge – Releases Home Video Of Ex-Fiance Snorting White Powder

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