EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Do Mariah Carey, Morgan Freeman & Other Stars Remember When They “Made It?”

Mariah Carey’s been atop the show biz mountain so long, she can’t quite remember when she got there.

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RadarOnline.com reporter Allison Swan caught up with the 40-year old singer Tuesday, on the red carpet at the Palm Springs Convention Center for the grand opening of the  Palm Springs International Film Festival, and asked her just when was the moment she knew she had “made it.”

“I don’t know,” Carey, who appears in the critically-acclaimed film Precious, told RadarOnline.com. “That might have been a long time ago.” (We looked it up: Mariah’s first hit single, Vision of Love, began scorching the charts in the summer of 1990; her self-titled debut album would subsequently sell more than 15 million copies. That’s good enough for us.)

Morgan Freeman’s memory was a little better: the iconic Driving Miss Daisy star, with no hesitation, told RadarOnline.com the 1987 film Street Smart paved the way for future successes in his illustrious career.

We also caught up with Helen Mirren, Rob Marshall and Diablo Cody, who had these wise words on the topic: “I feel like it takes years before you can say, ‘I made it! This is my town.'”

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