EXCLUSIVE: John Edwards Admitting Paternity Of Love Child

John Edwards is about to release a public statement admitting paternity of the out-of-wedlock daughter he fathered with mistress Rielle Hunter, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

It’s the final gasp for Edwards, who has incrementally coughed up the truth only when confronted with irrefutable evidence during the course of his affair being revealed.

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Documents That Prove John Edwards Is Father Of Love Child

Edwards wants to make his announcement before his former aide Andrew Young appears in an ABC interview and reveals how he pretended to be the baby’s father as a favor to Edwards.

Young has written a book about the situation and his interview with ABC is scheduled to air next Friday but could be moved forward.

Edwards decided it would be less damaging for him to admit paternity via a statement before Young trumpeted the news during a network TV interview.

PHOTOS: Rielle And Her Daughter

Edwards has strenuously – and at times ridiculously – denied paternity of Frances Quinn, who is about to turn two years old.

But the National Enquirer, which broke the story of the ex-Senator’s affair, recently published documents showing that Hunter and her lawyer were working on a child support settlement with Edwards in the Spring of 2009.

When Edwards admitted his infidelity during a Nightline interview last year he strenuously denied paternity of the child, said timing made it “impossible” and even dissembled when confronted with an Enquirer photo of himself with his infant daughter. “I don’t know who that baby is,” Edwards said.


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