EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Tiger Woods Wife In ‘Great Spirits’ — Celebrated New Year In Restaurant With Sister

Tiger Woods‘ wife was in “great spirits” as she and her twin sister rang in the New Year with a champagne toast, says Linn Lindquist, a waitress who served them.

Elin Nordegren and her sister were with five friends in Chamonix and went to the popular restaurant Munchie, according to the Swedish paper Express.

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Munchie is owned by Swedes and serves gourmet food.

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Elin has rarely been seen since her husband’s serial cheating became public, with a humiliating parade of mistresses revealing his secret life. Now she’s been found skiing in the Frenh Alps.

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She showed no signs of distress while celebrating the New Year. She and her sister and friends arrived at the restaurant around 7 p.m. and enjoyed a special tasting menu.

“They looked really out to enjoy themselves,” said Lindquist.

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The evening was described as “really good” by Carolina Falk Mann, another waitress who served them.

Elin ordered the champagne at midnight and the toast was not only to the new year, but also to her (and her sister’s) birthday.

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