EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen Cracks Up Co-Stars After Return To Work

Charlie Sheen physically attacked his wife, threatened her and spent Christmas in jail – but he’s still got a sense of humor.

RadarOnline.com learned exclusively that Charie’s return to work was greeted with tension that quickly dissolved into laughter.

At a table reading for Charlie’s hit show Two And A Half Men, one of the producers asked Jon Cryer what he did during the holidays. Everyone started to laugh because they could tell where this was going, a source told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

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Jon gave a quick answer and the producer moved on to Angus T. Jones and after Jones answered the producer moved on and said, “Charlie, what did YOU do for the holidays?”

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As everyone laughed, Charlie answered, “Well, I met Kobe Bryant‘s bail bondsman!”

And yes, the entire room cracked up.

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