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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW: Heroes Star Jimmy Jean-Louis Describes “Big Scare” In Haiti

Heroes star Jimmy Jean-Louis shares his experiences about the 6.1 aftershock, the challenges Haitians face, and his own state of mind in an exclusive new audio interview for RadarOnline.com in his return to his earthquake-ravaged homeland of Haiti.

Jean-Louis said that the Tuesday quake, which hit 35 miles west of Port-au-Prince, brought back horrific memories for his family in the wake of last week’s devastating 7.0 tremor.

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“I’m OK, but it’s a big scare,” Jean-Louis said. “I mean 6:00 in the morning, waking up with this whole house shaking like everything was about to collapse … it was quite a big scare. Everybody jumped out of the house just screaming … it wasn’t long, thank God. It lasted for just ten seconds barely, but I counted.”

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Jean-Louis also told RadarOnline.com that slowly but surely, there is a sense of normalcy returning among the Haitian people.

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“I have to say that I start to see a slight change in people’s attitudes,” he said. “They slowly start to have a rhythm of life in some area and it’s good because that’s what they need. They just need to go back to life, and just keep on doing the work, so Haiti can just get back. I was actually surprised because I went down the street just three or four hours after [the aftershock] and people are just there, business almost as usual, because many companies have [re-opened]. Like the bank, which is great because for the past week there was no bank, just imagine that. Even the gas — there was not enough gas and now, I see some of the gas stations opened.”

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The TV star told RadarOnline.com he is spiritually fulfilled, to an extent, through his efforts to rebuild the impoverished nation.

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“We’ve seen so many things, but at the same time, that is life,” he said.  “You get hit and you stand up again and walk, and you get hit again, and you have to stand up again and walk, so it doesn’t matter what goes on at the end of the day — whatever is hard becomes a great experience.

“Its something that so many have proven because we will still be around to talk about it,” Jean-Louis said. “Your life is definitely way richer and worth sharing with others and lovers and millions of people you might know and those you don’t even know.”