DVD Releases for January 26, 2010

Saw VI (R)

The terror just gets more terrifying with every new film in this blockbuster franchise. In the sixth (!) installment, Detective Hoffman becomes the successor to the Jigsaw legacy. As the FBI move in, he sets things in motion that reveal the Jigsaw’s grand scheme. (Tobin Bell [Jigsaw/John], Costas Mandylor [Mark Hoffman])

DVD Reviews for week of 1-19

Surrogates (PG-13)

Set in the near-future, this noir-style thriller presents a world occupied by comely robotic surrogates, while humans stay at home in their bathrobes, controlling all the action outside. But when FBI agent Tom Greer gets involved in an unusual murder case, he unwittingly becomes involved in the future of humanity. (Bruce Willis [Tom Greer], Radha Mitchell [Agent Peters])

DVD Reviews:”This Is It

This Is It (PG)

This ode to Michael Jackson was created entirely with behind-the-scenes footage shot during the months of preparation for the London concert series planned for last summer. The DVD edition includes more than an hour and a half of extra segments and interviews with the people who worked closely with the late pop star to make the would-be series a reality. (Kenny Ortega [as himself], Travis Payne [as himself])

DVD Review: The Invention of Lying

Whip It (PG-13)

Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut follows the evolution of small-town teen Bliss Cavendar from trudging through beauty pageants and a dreary, after-school job to discovering passion in roller derby. As she laces up and hits the skate track, she learns more than simply how to win. (Ellen Page [Bliss Cavendar/Babe Ruthless], Marcia Gay Harden [Brooke Cavendar])

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